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Alicia and Elyssa have partnered in Corporate America and other ventures for seven years.

Group Challenge

One of the most challenging components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Individual Challenge

Getting started is the hardest part. We are here to help inspire, educate, uplift.

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Alicia and Elyssa have partnered in Corporate America and other ventures for seven years.

AE Health and Fitness provides Fitness and Nutrition coaching through an online platform where you can choose to challenge yourself, or challenge friends and coworkers to 30 days of transforming your body and habits. Our mission is to provide you quick sustainable daily fitness and nutrition tips, motivation and resources to track your progress to ensure you are meeting your wellness goals (*Individual Results May Vary)

Partnering with one of the leading nutrition companies, we are able to work with everyone- from those struggling to lose weight, those interested in gaining lean muscle, to those who just want to create better habits and need resources to making them feel their best.

There is no time like the present to begin your first 30 day challenge with us!

What Our Clients Are Saying

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I’m a 48 Male who was extremely overweight, no energy at all, I exercised on occasion, and was extremely unhappy with myself for letting myself get to this point. When I was approached about trying Isagenix by a coworker of mine and all the wonders that it had done for her. While I was contemplating this, I was trying to lose weight on my own. I was a little skeptical at first about these products. I wasn’t sure if this was another gimmick I was about to try or not. After joining Isagenix program I could see a difference right away. These products aren’t like the others I have tried in the past. I have a lot more energy and the taste of these products aren’t like the others I have tried in the past. I have seen a huge change in my body and my mind set about nutrition now. In the past I would of not finished a program like this because of my love for food but now I can still enjoy food but in more nutritional ways. All the people I have met from this group have been outstanding and very helpful throughout this process. I have to say the person that talked me into joining Isagenix has been a rock star and a wealth of knowledge throughout this journey. This has been a real eye opener especially on all the so called crap I was putting in my body. I thought the cleansing would be the hardest for me but I killed every cleanse day I did and how great I felt afterward was amazing. All my coworkers are always complimenting me on the weight I have lost so far. This journey is not just a onetime thing for me anymore but a lifelong change. I look forward to using these products each and everyday and sample the products I haven’t had a chance to try yet. I look forward to doing more of these challenges in the future and to knock them out of the park everytime I join one!

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